Proxy API for Web Scraping

Get HTML from any page with a simple API call with our web scraping API. We handle proxy rotation, browser identities, automatic retries, CAPTCHAs, javascript rendering etc automatically for you.

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curl ""

<!doctype html>
<title>Example Domain</title>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

Crawl anything with the power of Proxies API

Get started right away. Pay only for successfull crawls. Never get blocked again. Web scraping API thats suitable for crawling projects of any size.

Take the frustration out of web scraping

We bring you the power of a million proxies, carefully pruned for the highest speeds and reliability. Each request is a new IP with our web scraping api. We auto-retry failed requests, auto-rotate browser types, solve CAPTCHAs, render javascript content etc and we do it all behind-the-scenes. No more IP blocks. No more worry and anxiety. Focus on your business logic while we manage all the frustrating bits for you.

Start right away and customize to your needs

Want to send custom headers? Want to run sticky sessions with a single IP? Want to scrape AJAX based content? We have you covered. You can customise almost all this in a single line of code, no matter the language you are using or the setup. ProxiesAPI web scraping APIwas created for developers by developers with the goal of making it dead easy to get started with zero coding overhead.


High speeds and 99.9% uptime guarantee

We acquire our proxies from multiple ISPs which guarantees redundancy. We benchmark for speeds upwards of 100 Mbps and prune slow proxies out regularly. We have no bandwidth limitations. Our multi-geography, high availability architecture allows you to throttle up and down your crawling efforts to any scale easily and immediately.

The Proxies API Advantage

Here is a generic break down on what Proxies API can do. For detailed usage information please have a look at our documentation.

Millions of proxies

Our residential, datacenter and mobile proxies spread over 10 countries means you will never get blocked. We have a repository of over 10 million proxies to pick from which is constantly updated based on factors like speed, reliability, https support availability etc.

10 different countries

With our simple API you can access your urls from over 10 different countries as and when you need. This reduces the chance of IP blocks but also can be used to fetch location specific data. We are constantly adding more countries every month.

Unlimited bandwidth

Thats unlimited bandwidth on only successful requests. We take the risk for any bad IPs that go down unexpectedly. Plus, we retry failed requests automatically on the same call thereby reducing the chances of a failed request drastically (about 1-2% of the time).

Email & Chat support

We pride ourselves on going out of our way to help other developers. We have been there and we know the pain of developing a web scraping/crawling project. Our support team are developers themselves so rest assured there will be nothing lost in translation :-)

From developers to developers

We have worked on web crawling projects for over 15 years now. In fact much of the code for Proxies API was built around time tested architecture and understanding of web scraping we had gathered over the years.

Projects of any kind and any size

We want to reassure you that we have seen it all and Proxies API holds up to almost all use cases. General needs like real estate scraping, price monitoring, extracting reviews, scraping hedge fund data, reputation management or SEO use cases like, keyword monitoring. scraping search engine result pages or for growth hacking needs like lead generation, extracting contact information, or social media crawling are all made extremely easy with Proxies API

Our customers feel it

Steve Elias
“Building a large scale crawling project? Just use proxies api” - Steve Elias, Chief Architect @ Avanti Group
“I love, love, love this service... It's the simplest to use and is surprisingly stable in the wild. ” - William Costello, Founder at LearnMission
“Since I started using Proxies API, my headaches per month have reduced dramatically. I have to put in a word about the quality of support as well. Keep going.” - Warren Johnson, Developer at RealtyPine
“[Your] support is just incredible. The one time we had an issue, Mohan sat through the night with us and ended up helping us in fixing stuff beyond the api integration :-) Happy to recommend.” - Julie O'Leary, Technology Head at Bliss & Vine

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