Do I need to install Urllib in Python?

Feb 8, 2024 ยท 2 min read

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Accessing URLs in Python: Do You Need to Install urllib?

When working with web APIs or scraping websites in Python, you need a way to programmatically request data from URLs. The standard library module urllib provides this functionality. But do you need to install it separately?

The good news is - urllib is included automatically with Python! There is no separate installation required.

urllib Comes Built-in with Python

The urllib module is part of Python's standard library, meaning it comes pre-installed with Python distributions like CPython. So you can simply import urllib and start using it without any extra steps:

import urllib.request

The urllib module contains subpackages like urllib.request for opening and reading URLs. So usually you would import a specific subpackage rather than urllib directly.

When Would You Need to Install urllib?

Since urllib is integrated into Python, you generally don't need to install it. The only exception would be:

  • If you're using an alternative Python implementation like PyPy or Jython that does not include the full standard library. Some functionality may be missing.
  • If you have a custom or stripped down Python environment without the complete standard library.
  • In those cases, you would need to install urllib separately using pip:

    pip install urllib3

    This will fetch the urllib3 module which provides most of the same functionality.

    Key Things to Remember

  • urllib comes pre-installed with standard Python distributions like CPython.
  • You can import and start using it without any extra installation steps.
  • Only special Python environments may require manually installing urllib via pip.
  • So in most cases, no need to worry about installing urllib - just import urllib.request and you're good to go!

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