Fixing the "ImportError: No Module Named aiohttp" Error in Python

Mar 3, 2024 ยท 2 min read

When working with Python, you may encounter the error ImportError: No module named aiohttp when trying to import the aiohttp module. This error occurs when Python cannot locate the aiohttp module, which is commonly used for asynchronous HTTP requests and websockets.

There are a few potential causes and fixes for this import error:

aiohttp Module Not Installed

The most common reason for the error is that the aiohttp module is not installed in your Python environment. To install aiohttp, open your command prompt/terminal and run:

pip install aiohttp

This will install the latest version of aiohttp from PyPI.

Using a Virtual Environment Without aiohttp

If you are working in a virtual environment, it may not have aiohttp installed even if it's installed globally on your system. Activate your virtual environment and install aiohttp within it:

pip install aiohttp

Module Name Spelling

Double check that you have spelled the module name correctly:

import aiohttp # aiohttp, not async-http

It's easy to miss the lowercase "o" in aiohttp when importing.

Conflict With Asyncio Module

In some cases, aiohttp conflicts with Python's built-in asyncio module. Try importing asyncio first before aiohttp:

import asyncio
import aiohttp

This resolves the conflict by importing asyncio initially.

By checking these common issues, you should be able to resolve the ImportError: No module named aiohttp in Python. aiohttp is a very useful module so take the time to properly install it and understand any conflicts before using it.

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