How do I scrape Google cache?

Feb 20, 2024 ยท 2 min read

Search engine caches like Google Cache provide a useful way to access web pages that may no longer be available online. However, these cached pages are meant for individual viewing and don't allow bulk downloading. Here's how web scraping can help access and preserve these cached copies.

Why Scrape Google Cache?

There are a few reasons you may want to scrape or download cached pages:

  • Preserve snapshots of changing web pages - Cache allows you to save historical versions of pages that get frequently updated or are at risk of being taken offline.
  • Access inaccessible sites - If a site goes down completely, the cache may be the only way to retrieve its pages.
  • Research or archival purposes - Academics, journalists, or archivists may need to harvest caches for research.
  • Challenges with Cached Page Scraping

    However, scraping cache does pose some challenges:

  • No public cache API - Unlike live web pages, cache doesn't provide an API for bulk access. Scraping has to mimic browser activity.
  • Blocking and captchas - Aggressive scraping may trigger bot detection and captchas, which scrapers cannot solve.
  • Rendering issues - Cache pages are snapshots that may not render perfectly outside the cache viewer. Some page elements may be missing or distorted.
  • Scraping Google Cache with Python

    Here is sample Python code to carefully scrape Google Cache, avoiding detection:

    import time
    from selenium import webdriver
    driver = webdriver.Chrome()
    # Set random delays to mimic human behavior 
    time.sleep(5 + random.random() * 3) 
    html = driver.page_source
    # Save scraped page
    with open("cached_page.html", "w") as f:

    The key is to introduce realistic random pauses while navigating pages to bypass protections. For large caches, you may also need rotation of IP addresses.

    I've covered some core concepts for cache scraping here.

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