How many tweets can you scrape?

Feb 20, 2024 ยท 2 min read

Twitter provides a useful public API for accessing Tweets, but it does have rate limits in place to prevent abuse. As you design your Twitter scraping project, here are some key factors to consider to maximize the amount of data you can collect.

Twitter API Rate Limits

The main limit is that you can make 450 requests every 15 minutes per access token. Each request can return up to 100 Tweets. So in theory, you could collect 45,000 Tweets every 15 minutes with a single access token.

Of course, collecting at that rate consistently is not realistic - you'd quickly run out of matching Tweets for most queries. But it shows the upper bound of what's possible.

Optimizing Your Data Collection

Here are some tips to optimize your scraping:

  • Use multiple access tokens - Scale up by creating more Twitter developer accounts and apps to get additional access tokens. This raises your rate limit ceiling.
  • Adjust query selectivity - Narrow down your searches to match Tweets more precisely and get more relevant data. Casting too wide a net runs into rate limits.
  • Filter in code - Retrieve all results, then filter and select only what you need in your code. This reduces wasted rate limit usage.
  • Schedule scraping - Spread out requests over time rather than bursting. This smooths out usage.
  • Ethical Considerations

    When scraping Tweets, be transparent in how you use the data and respect user privacy. Stick to Twitter's API terms and conditions.

    With some thoughtful planning around these rate limit constraints, you can retrieve a significant amount of quality Twitter data for analysis. The key is using the right combination of access tokens, selective queries, code-side filtering, and scheduled requests to make the most of your limits.

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