Is asyncio deprecated python ?

Mar 17, 2024 ยท 2 min read

Asyncio has become an integral part of Python in recent years, providing an efficient framework for writing asynchronous code. With its event loop, coroutines, tasks, and streams, asyncio enables concurrent execution without the complexity of threads or multiprocessing.

Asyncio Is Here to Stay

There has been some confusion about whether asyncio is deprecated in Python. The short answer is: no, asyncio remains a core Python library and has a strong future ahead.

In Python 3.10, there were some asyncio APIs marked as deprecated, like loop.run_until_complete(). However, these are simply cleaner alternative APIs like that were introduced.

Key Benefits of Asyncio

Here are some of the main reasons asyncio has been widely adopted:

  • Performance: Asyncio allows high throughput and scalability with single-threaded concurrent code. This avoids costs like context switching with threads.
  • No callback hell: Asyncio's coroutines and async/await syntax let you write asynchronous code that reads similarly to synchronous code.
  • Interoperability: Asyncio includes protocols like Streams which enable integration with other frameworks like SQLAlchemy.
  • Practical Tips for Using Asyncio

    Here are some handy tips:

  • Use to run async main functions and get a top-level event loop.
  • Leverage asyncio streams for efficient I/O like files or sockets.
  • Use asyncio.gather() to concurrently run multiple coroutines and wait for results.
  • Ensure to await any coroutines when calling them from other coroutines.
  • Overall, asyncio provides a powerful option for asynchronous programming in Python that is only gaining more momentum. With some good practices like limiting blocking I/O and using async where possible, you can build high-performance applications with asyncio.

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