Is Urllib a standard Python package?

Feb 8, 2024 ยท 2 min read

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Urllib: The Fundamental HTTP Library in Python

Urllib is one of the fundamental packages included in the Python standard library for working with HTTP resources on the internet. It provides developers with tools for fetching URLs, handling redirects, parsing response data, encoding requests, and more.

When you first start learning Python, you'll likely come across urllib when working with APIs or web scraping. It offers a programmatic way to retrieve data from websites without relying on a web browser.

Is Urllib Part of the Python Standard Library?

Yes, urllib is included automatically with every Python installation. You don't need to install anything extra.

This means urllib comes pre-installed whether you're using CPython, Jython, IronPython, or PyPy. As a core part of Python's standard library, urllib is well-maintained and updated with each new Python release.

Being part of the standard library gives urllib widespread usage among Python developers. You can count on urllib being available wherever Python is installed.

Key Capabilities

The main things urllib enables you to do are:

  • Fetch URLs and get a file-like response object
  • Parse URLs into components like protocol, host, path
  • Encode special characters in URLs
  • Handle redirects automatically
  • Submit data to form-based websites
  • It provides building blocks for more complex libraries like Requests that build on top of what urllib offers.

    When Should You Use Urllib?

    There are times when using urllib directly makes sense:

  • You want a simple way to download a file from a URL
  • You want fine-grained control over HTTP requests and responses
  • Your application has unique HTTP handling needs not met by Requests
  • However, for most common cases working with HTTP, Requests tends to be easier to use. It's worth evaluating both to decide which meets your needs.

    The fact urllib comes with Python itself makes it worth knowing. It teaches how Python handles HTTP under the hood, even if you ultimately use Requests. Urllib's capabilities power many Python web tools and applications behind the scenes.

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