Making HTTP Requests with aiohttp in Python

Feb 22, 2024 ยท 2 min read

The aiohttp library is a popular asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for Python. It allows you to make HTTP requests without blocking your application, perfect for building highly concurrent or asynchronous services.

To make a basic HTTP GET request with aiohttp:

import aiohttp

async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
    async with session.get('') as response:
        print(await response.text())

Some key points:

  • Create a ClientSession which manages the connection pooling for you
  • Use the session.get() method to make a GET request, similarly for POST
  • The await keyword waits for and returns the response
  • Make sure to close the session when done with async with syntax
  • You can pass various parameters like headers, data, timeouts etc to customise the requests:

    async with session.get(url, params={'key':'value'}, headers={}, data=b'') as response:
       # customised GET request 

    To post JSON data:

    import json
    data = {'key': 'value'}
    async with, json=data) as response:
       # POST with json 
       print(await response.text())

    Some tips when making requests with aiohttp:

  • Use async/await syntax to avoid blocking
  • Leverage connection pooling of sessions
  • Close sessions when done
  • Handle exceptions properly for network errors
  • Rate limit requests to avoid overwhelming servers
  • Use timeouts to prevent stalled requests
  • Serialize JSON properly for posting data
  • The aiohttp library handles a lot of complexity like HTTP connections, timeouts and pooling for you. With its simple API focused on async/await, it is a pleasure to make HTTP requests without blocking your Python applications. Give it a try!

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