Resolving the Frustrating Cloudflare Error 1020: Access Denied

Oct 4, 2023 ยท 3 min read

You try to visit your favorite website, but instead of the content you expect, you get an ominous error message:

Error 1020 Access Denied.

This frustrating blockade by Cloudflare can be caused by several factors, ranging from sitewide technical issues to IP address blocks. Here are 11 ways you can troubleshoot and resolve the Cloudflare 1020 error:

1. Check for Site-Wide Issues

First, determine if the error appears across the entire site or just on specific pages. Try accessing other public pages on the site to see if they also show the error. If it's site-wide, a technical issue on the server side may be likely.

2. Switch Browsers

If the error appears in only one browser, try accessing the site in another browser. If that works, your main browser may need tweaking. But if it still doesn't work in other browsers either, it's likely an IP address block or connection issue.

3. Reboot Your Router

Restarting your router clears out any stuck cache or settings that could be blocking connectivity. After rebooting the router, try accessing the site again.

4. Toggle Your VPN

Connecting through a VPN assigns you a different IP address, which can bypass IP blocks by Cloudflare. If the site loads with the VPN on, but not with it off, IP blocking is likely the issue.

5. Verify Date and Time

It's a long shot, but incorrect date and time settings could also prevent proper communication between your browser and the website server. Double check your computer's date and time accuracy.

6. Restart Your Browser

Sometimes restarting your browser can clear out any temporary glitches that might be causing problems. Close all browser windows and reopen to give it a clean slate.

7. Clear Browser Cache

An outdated browser cache with corrupt files could also trigger issues. Clearing it out removes any suspect cached data. Try accessing the site again after emptying the cache.

8. Enable Browser Cookies

Cloudflare uses cookies to control access, so your browser needs to allow them. Check your browser settings to ensure cookies are enabled, both globally and for the specific site domain.

9. Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions could be blocking cookies, even if they are enabled in settings. Turn off all extensions one-by-one to isolate any troublemakers.

10. Reset Network Adapters

Resetting network adapters reinstalls them fresh, which can fix connection problems. It's easy to do on both Windows and Mac.

11. Contact Site Owner

If all else fails, reach out to the website owner and explain the error. They can check Cloudflare logs and whitelist your IP address or adjust firewall policies if needed. Be sure to provide any details requested.

With a mix of browser tweaks, network resets, VPN toggles, and a call to the site owner, you should be able to squash error 1020 and regain access. Don't let Cloudflare block you permanently!

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