ScrapingBee Alternative - Why Proxies API is Simpler & Cheaper

Sep 30, 2023 ยท 2 min read

ScrapingBee is gaining traction as a web scraping API that manages proxies, browsers, and bot mitigation for you. However, it can get complex and costly depending on your needs.

As an alternative, Proxies API offers a much simpler and affordable API-first approach to web scraping.

The Problem With ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee aims to be an all-in-one scraping solution, so you get a lot built-in like headless browsers, proxy rotation, and data extraction tools.

But this flexibility comes with some downsides:

  • Steep learning curve - Although easier than building a scraper, you still need to learn the ScrapingBee API and features. More complex than just making API calls.
  • Overengineered for basic uses - You may just want to scrape some URLs. But ScrapingBee requires learning their whole platform.
  • Credits-based pricing - Instead of fixed fees, you pay per API credit used. This can get expensive and unpredictable at scale.
  • Vendor lock-in - Once you integrate ScrapingBee, it can be hard to switch away later without code changes.
  • How Proxies API Provides a Simpler Alternative

    Proxies API solves the above issues by taking an API-first approach focused on simplicity:

  • Insanely easy API - Just send a URL and get HTML back. Our API is designed for minimalism above all else.
  • Pay per API call - No complex credits system. Just pay for the number of successful API calls made. Simple and predictable.
  • Cost-effective pricing - Our plans start at just $23/month for 250K calls. Much cheaper than ScrapingBee.
  • No lock-in - Our simple API means you can switch services anytime without migrations.
  • Avoids overengineering - For basic scraping, just use our API instead of building ScrapingBee workflows.
  • Scales up easily - We auto-throttle based on success rate. So you can scale to any level.
  • Pricing Comparison

    PlanScrapingBeeProxies API
    Basic$49/month for 150k credits$23/month for 250k calls
    Standard$99/month for 1M credits$79/month for 1M calls
    Pro$249/month for 3M credits$199/month for 3M calls

    As you can see, Proxies API's pricing is much more affordable compared to ScrapingBee at similar usage levels.

    Key Differences at a Glance

    FeatureScrapingBeeProxies API
    OfferingsAPI, proxies, browsersAPI only
    Developer ExperienceSome learning curveSimple integration
    PricingCredits-basedPay per API call
    Anti-bot HandlingBuilt-inHandled automatically
    ScalabilityAdds complexityStays simple always

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        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />


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