Stories from the Web Crawling trenches in flexibility

Python requests vs urllib

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Feb 6, 2024

Python provides two modules for making HTTP requests: requests and urllib. Requests simplifies HTTP calls while urllib provides more flexibility.

Making Scheme-Agnostic HTTP Requests in Python

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Feb 3, 2024

Making HTTP requests in Python using requests library without hardcoding http or https. Simplifies code and enables flexibility.

Is API better than web scraping?

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Feb 20, 2024

APIs vs web scraping: pros and cons of structured data retrieval and HTML parsing for flexible data access.

What is the difference between socket and Urllib?

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Feb 8, 2024

Sockets offer low-level network access, but can be complex. urllib makes HTTP requests simple, but with less flexibility.

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