Troubleshooting Selenium Error 1020: Causes and Solutions

Apr 2, 2024 ยท 2 min read

When automating tests with Selenium, you may encounter error 1020 with a message like "Access is denied". This generic error can have various causes, from simple driver issues to complex permission problems. In this guide, I'll walk through the common reasons for error 1020 and provide fixes to get your tests running again.

What Causes Error 1020?

The root of error 1020 is that Selenium's driver cannot access the browser or application it is trying to test. Here are some common causes:

Outdated or incompatible driver - Selenium requires browser-specific drivers to launch and control them. If the driver is old or not designed for your browser version, error 1020 can occur.

Restrictive security settings - Browsers and networks with very tight security restrictions can block Selenium's access, throwing error 1020. This is especially common in enterprise environments.

Missing permissions - The user account running the tests may not have permissions to launch processes or access folders required by the driver. Admin rights are often needed.

Conflicts with other software - Some programs like antivirus or firewalls can interfere with Selenium drivers, leading to error 1020. Temporarily disabling them may help.

5 Ways to Fix Error 1020

Here are solutions to try when facing error 1020 with Selenium:

  1. Update the driver - Download the latest stable driver for your browser and overwrite the existing driver.
  2. Run as administrator - Launch your test scripts with admin privileges, which enables full system access.
  3. Adjust security settings - Make temporary exceptions for the Selenium driver in your antivirus, firewall, browser settings, etc.
  4. Use a remote driver - Rather than accessing the browser locally, use a remote service like Selenium Grid or a cloud testing platform.
  5. Switch browsers - Try an alternate browser like Firefox or Chrome if one continues causing error 1020 issues.

Additionally, check your scripts for any hardcoded waits or timers that could lead to timeouts. Reviewing logs from the Selenium server and drivers can also reveal the source of error 1020.

Key Takeaways

Error 1020 ultimately stems from Selenium not having proper access to launch or control the browsers for testing. By updating drivers, granting admin rights, adjusting configurations, using remote services, and switching browsers, you can resolve most instances of this access denied error.

Carefully inspecting logs and scripts alongside methodically trying solutions can get your test automation back up and running.

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