Which is the best Python library for sending SOAP requests

Feb 3, 2024 ยท 1 min read

The zeep library is the easiest way to make SOAP requests in Python. To install:

pip install zeep

Then import zeep and create a client pointing to the WSDL URL:

import zeep
client = zeep.Client('http://www.example.com/wsdl')

Now you can call SOAP operations like regular Python methods:

response = client.service.GetStatus('params')

The zeep library handles all the underlying SOAP plumbing for you. It generates Python types from the WSDL, serializes and deserializes requests/responses, and raises Python exceptions on errors. This makes it simple to focus on the integration logic rather than SOAP specifics.

For more power and flexibility, consider the suds-jurko library. But for most use cases, zeep provides an easy way to consume SOAP web services.

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