ZenRows Alternative - Why Proxies API is Simpler & More Affordable

Sep 30, 2023 · 3 min read

ZenRows is gaining popularity as a web scraping API that handles proxies, browsers, and anti-bot protection for you. But while convenient, it can also get expensive and complex.

As an alternative, Proxies API offers a simpler and cheaper solution to get started with web scraping.

The Problem With ZenRows

ZenRows aims to be an all-in-one scraping API. So you get a lot built-in, like automatic proxy rotation, javascript rendering, and built-in parsers.

But there are some downsides to ZenRows:

  • Steep learning curve - While easier than coding a scraper, you still need to learn the ZenRows API and features. There is more complexity than just making simple API calls.
  • Overkill for basic scraping - You may just want to scrape some URLs, not build an automated scraper. But ZenRows makes you learn the whole platform.
  • Credits-based pricing - Instead of paying fixed fees, you pay per API credit consumed. This can get unpredictable and expensive at scale.
  • Vendor lock-in - Once you integrate ZenRows, it may be hard to switch away without rewriting your code.
  • How Proxies API Provides a Simple Alternative

    Proxies API solves the above issues by offering a radically simple and affordable scraping solution:

  • Ridiculously easy API - Just send a URL and get HTML back. Our API is designed for simplicity above all else.
  • Pay per API call - No complex credits system. Just pay for the number of successful API calls you make. Simple and predictable.
  • Affordable pricing - Our plans start at just $23/month for 250K calls. A fraction of ZenRows' costs.
  • No lock-in - Our simple API makes it easy to switch services anytime. No migrations needed.
  • Avoid over-engineering - For basic scraping needs, just use our API instead of building a sophisticated ZenRows pipeline.
  • Scales up - We auto-throttle based on success rate. So you can scale to any level easily.
  • Pricing Comparison

    PlanZenRowsProxies API
    Basic€49/month for 250k credits$23/month for 250k calls
    Standard€99/month for 1M credits$79/month for 1M calls
    Pro€249/month for 3M credits$199/month for 3M calls

    As you can see, Proxies API's pricing is significantly more affordable compared to ZenRows for similar request volumes.

    Key Differences at a Glance

    FeatureZenRowsProxies API
    OfferingsAPI, proxies, browsersAPI only
    Developer ExperienceSome learning curveSimple integration
    PricingCredits-basedPay per API call
    Anti-bot HandlingBuilt-inHandled automatically
    ScalabilityAdds complexityStays simple always

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