May 7th, 2020
4 Best Commercial Web Scraping Tools


Octoparse offers a visual point and clicks web scraping service if you are interested in a no-code solution. It handles Javascript, AJAX, Infinite scrolling, forms, etc.

They even have a cloud service where you can host and schedule scraping jobs.

They offer all the layman-friendly export formats like Excel, CSV, and also a developer-friendly API.


Compare OctoParse vs. Proxies API


Parsehub offers a desktop app that makes scraping visual, point, and click, and easy. The tool supports multiple pages, AJAX support, form submission, dropdowns, etc.

They offer export of data via JSON, Excel, or even an API.



Diffbot uses AI to scrape data from the annoying websites where you can set up and crawl multiple websites without having to create a new crawler for each.

They also offer a ready database of the web that you can query instantly, so you dont have to wait for crawling to finish.

They also offer a commercial-grade crawler service for simply crawling 1000s of websites.

Diffbot is suitable for enterprise-level customers who want to create large scale web crawlers and scrapers.



Mozenda competes with Diffbot in the enterprise space. With Mozenda, you can scrape text, images, pdf, and other content using a simple point and click feature.

It allows the export of data in a variety of formats like TSV, CSV, XML, XLSX, or JSON or through their API.


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