Jan 24th, 2021
6 Ways I Get Things Done Fast As A Bootstrapped Founder

Here is the productivity stack I use to get many things done first in my startup Proxies API

1. One of the ways to lose momentum is to forget your original strategy. So you need to load this up into your brain the moment you wake up, so you are not swayed by every blog post, podcast episode, and new growth hack and lose the moment that you have accumulated so painfully.

Remind yourself of the original strategy every day (Refer to the article 40.a)

2. I need to make myself smile every day. And I count them. I need to make sure I have these moments where I am happy with my work in total to about 300 till I can say that I have done an excellent job.

What’s your north star metric? (Refer to the article 40.b)

3. If something takes less than 2 minutes, do it.

The two productivity tip that changed my life (Refer to the article 40.c)

4. If you find yourself exhausted and find yourself cribbing, sulking, you need a break. You are taking access to work for granted. Make it scarce. Just stop working cold turkey. Go away from your computer and enjoy yourself till you feel the guilt. I love guilt. I need the pull of sin to come back to work. Sin is productivity if you do it right.

5. If you are overwhelmed, it probably because you are keeping too many things in your mind. Your brain cannot slow down because it is always going round and round all the things you need to do. It’s time for the brain dump.

The magic of the brain dump (Refer to the article 40.d)

6. If you have lost momentum, let us say after a long break, illness, or a holiday, it is normal for us to fail to pick up the energy we used to have. The more we push ourselves, the more we feel we are rooted to the floor with concrete. So we freeze and do nothing at all. In that case, stop and reduce the expectation to more or less zero. Now tell yourself that you will do the smallest action you can take to get going. This action almost as a rule has to be dumb and make you feel silly. But try it, it works for me. If you have to write a blog post like this one, the action could be to write the headline. Wait even that is too intelligent. The move could be, open the editor and create a new page. That’s it. Now build from there.

The author is the founder of Proxies API, a proxy rotation API service.

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