Jan 27th, 2021

Do 1 Scary Thing Every Day

“Follow this rule of doing one scary thing for just 10 minutes every day”

Entrepreneurship is a ride of discomfort. You are almost as a rule doing things that are outside your comfort zone. I have in so deep I can’t find my way back to my comfort zone. While I was gone, someone came and walked away with it, I think. Or at least, that’s what it feels like for the time being.

a) I am not a writer, but I write.

b) I am a programmer at heart, but I market what I have built.

c) I reach out to people who might be interested in my product. That must be amazing to my mother if she could understand what I do.

d) I chat with people on my website and turn it into sales conversations where possible.

e) I follow up on sales conversations. That’s like the toughest thing in sales, they say, and I do it.

f) Right now, I feel like I am bragging, and I shouldn’t be writing this blog post. But what I have written is true. Unbelievable to me even, but true.

So I follow this rule of doing one scary thing for just 10 minutes every day, not the whole creepy thing. That’s too much. I might die. So let me enter the lion’s den, stay there for just 10 mins and get out. And the next day I do it again.

It’s gotten me this far. In the last year, I created a SAAS product, developed a website(Proxies API) to sell it, and started marketing and selling it every day. All unlike me, accept the programming part. It enabled me to build a business that, from the looks of it, will sustain me for a long time and has helped me to quit my job.

The author is the founder of Proxies API, a proxy rotation api service.

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