May 7th, 2020
Beautiful Soup vs. Scrapy

We always wanted to make a comparison between both of these libraries we have used extensively and even written extensively about.

We love both of them, and sometimes, I fire up one or the other without almost any thought, especially for smaller, quick ones. Scrapy is the one we lean towards when it is a massive web scraping project, and beautiful soup is quicker to get going with for smaller hacks.

Here is how they compare in our opinion

Both of these can be used well combined, in our opinion.

But in production where you want to scale to thousands of links, then you will find that you will get IP blocked quickly by many websites as well. In this scenario, using a rotating proxy service to rotate IPs is almost a must.

Otherwise, you tend to get IP blocked a lot by automatic location, usage, and bot detection algorithms.

Our rotating proxy server Proxies API provides a simple API that can solve all IP Blocking problems instantly.

  • With millions of high speed rotating proxies located all over the world
  • With our automatic IP rotation
  • With our automatic User-Agent-String rotation (which simulates requests from different, valid web browsers and web browser versions)
  • With our automatic CAPTCHA solving technology

Hundreds of our customers have successfully solved the headache of IP blocks with a simple API.

A simple API can access the whole thing like below in any programming language.

You dont even have to take the pain of loading Puppeteer as we render Javascript behind the scenes, and you can just get the data and parse it any language like Node, Puppeteer or PHP or using any framework like Scrapy or Nutch. In all these cases, you can just call the URL with render support like so...

curl ""

We have a running offer of 1000 API calls completely free. Register and get your free API Key here.

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