May 6th, 2020
How to Configure Google Chrome to Use a Proxy Server on Windows 10

Here is how you quickly configure Google Chrome on Windows to use a proxy server.

Step 1. On the top right corner of Google Chrome, you will find an icon called Customise and Control. Click on that

Step 2. Now click on Advanced Settings

Step 3. Scroll to the 'Network' area of the settings and click on Change proxy settings

Step 4. Click on the Connections tab inside the Internet Options window. Now click on LAN Settings.

Step 5. Tick the option. Use a proxy server for your LAN

Step 6. Enter the proxy server IP and Port. Also, enter the username and password if needed.

Step 7. Click OK and then click on Apply to save the new settings

That saves the proxy settings, and you can now navigate Chrome to a service like HTTPBin to check if Chrome is using the proxy you typed in or not.

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