Stories from the Web Crawling trenches in HTML::TreeBuilder

The Ultimate HTML::TreeBuilder Cheatsheet in Perl

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Oct 31, 2023

HTML::TreeBuilder is a Perl module for parsing and manipulating HTML and XML documents into a tree structure.

Web Scraping with Perl & ChatGPT

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Sep 25, 2023

Web scraping in Perl with ChatGPT assistance. Use HTML::TreeBuilder and WWW::Mechanize for data extraction. Generate code snippets and explanations with ChatGPT.

Scraping All Images from a Website with Perl

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Dec 13, 2023

Guide to scraping image URLs and data from a Wikipedia page using Perl script. Extracts names, groups, local names, and image URLs for dog breeds.

Scraping Craigslist Listings with Perl

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Oct 1, 2023

Learn how to scrape Craigslist apartment listings using Perl and modules LWP::UserAgent and HTML::TreeBuilder. Avoid IP blocking with a rotating proxy server.

Scraping Multiple Pages in Perl with LWP::UserAgent and HTML::TreeBuilder

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Oct 15, 2023

Web scraping in Perl using LWP::UserAgent and HTML::TreeBuilder modules to extract data from multiple pages. Use XPath queries and proxies for efficient data extraction.

Scraping Yelp Business Listings Using Perl

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Dec 6, 2023

Web scraping is the process of extracting data from websites through automated scripts. This article provides a beginner tutorial on scraping business listings from Yelp using modules like HTML::TreeBuilder and LWP::UserAgent.

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