Stories from the Web Crawling trenches in user-agent header

Scraping all the Images from a Website using CSharp

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Dec 13, 2023

Learn how to scrape data and images from a website using C# and HtmlAgilityPack library. Extract data from a webpage, check HTTP status code, store data, and download images.

Making Python Requests Appear Mobile

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Feb 3, 2024

Make Python requests appear as mobile by setting User-Agent header, using mobile HTTP client library, or proxying through a mobile device.

How do I scrape Google without being banned?

Author: Mohan Ganesan

Date: Feb 20, 2024

Collect Google Search data without getting blocked by following guidelines, using APIs, proxies, delays, and randomizing identifiers.

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