May 2nd, 2020

Skills Data Mining Specialists need to Master in 2020

Here are a bunch of skills you will need if you want a career in data mining in 2020.

These articles will NOT list ALL the languages, tools, and technologies required. It's not practical. It will only list the main languages and tools that you need to get started and get your feet wet in this industry. We got these answers when we asked ourselves the question, "If we were to restart our education on Web Crawling at Proxies API, knowing what we know, what would be master". So here we go...

Basic skills:

These are table stakes that you will need to have to even begin to feel comfortable in this area.

  • Intermediate-level skills in Python. This is because some of the best scrapers and crawlers are written in Python and have the biggest communities.

Intermediary skills:

For being totally comfortable with extracting data, you will need a working knowledge of Regex, XPath and CSS selectors.

Machine Learning tools:

Get familiar with the Python NLTK library and have the ability to use Naturl Language Tools (NLP) like POS extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis, classification etc.

Understand neural networks: Tools like nn_builder which is a python package that lets you build neural networks in a single line and popular plug and play libraries like Tensorflow.

Advanced-Data mining skills:

For deep data mining projects, a mastery of the above skills and excellence in the following skills is required.

Machine learning skills

Use a specialized language like R which is designed for machine learning.

Understand and master the important machine learning algorithms like...Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes classification, K-Means clustering.

Statistical Thinking Get acquainted with the basics: hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, types of scales, distributions, etc.

Visualization tools

A good part of data mining work is communicating the inferences effectively. Visualization tools like Tableu, SAS BI, R-Graphics, or even mastering Excel is absolutely invaluable.

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